Friday, February 18, 2011


That is exactly what I have been doing. I have been the biggest slacker lately. Honestly, I've been avoiding my blog. Want to know why? .... I'm kind of embarrassed to say... I have been SLACKING so hard with my work outs. :( I haven't been to the gym in weeks and I'm back to drinking 3+ pops a day. *sigh*

Anyway, enough of the depressing stuff. On with some good news! My financial aid for school has worked itself out and I am able to start cosmetology classes in April! I am so excited for this next step in life!

In about a year I will be able to cut Cody's hair myself so he won't ever have an excuse for looking like this again.
Thank goodness, right? LOL

Good news #2: ETHAN IS WALKING!! Yep! I have a walking baby! I am so happy and so proud of him. He took his first official steps as a walker just a few days after he turned 11 months old. Yay! I have no pictures yet, but as soon as I upload my pictures from my camera I will get them on here. :)

I really hope to keep updating now that I have let out my dirty secret about not sticking with my diet. Woops!

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