Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annnd I Changed My Mind...

The bedtime stories theme for Bubba's first birthday party is out. Although it is a super cute idea, Duglokk and I decided that we want to go with a farm themed party instead. Why? He got a Little People barn for Christmas and he loves it. He could sit and play with (chew on) those little animals all day long. I've got to admit that I am really excited about this party now.

My grandpa built a headboard for my cousin a few years back that is in the shape of a barn, so they are going to let us use that for some decoration at the party. One of the "windows" on the headboard is actually a picture frame so I'm probably going to get some pictures taken of Bubba in some overalls and a flannel to put in the frame. How cute would that be? I am seriously pumped.

This is what I am envisioning:

I am crazy about this mason jar drink dispenser from pottery barn! Too bad it is way out of my price range and I will not be purchasing it. :(

Of course, this is merely a vision and probably far off of what the actual party will be. I can always dream though! I am going to do my best for his party, that is for sure!