Sunday, January 2, 2011

I have a blog? Oh yeah, I forgot.

I have been SLACKING. Ya know what, though? I really enjoyed staying slightly disconnected during the holidays. I say slightly because I do admit that I checked my facebook just about every single day. It's a problem I have, I know. Anyways, I really did enjoy my couple of weeks of holiday vacation. We traveled back to Illinois to spend it with our family and we had an excellent time with everyone. Not to mention how spoiled we were!!! Especially Bubba. That kid has just about everything a little baby could ever want. We truly are lucky to have such a big supportive family. :D

"King of the castle, king of the castle!"

Seriously, what child needs this much stuff? 

He sure is a spoiled little butt. Oh well, you only have a first Christmas once, right? ;)

How did everyone else celebrate the holiday break? Did anyone get anything exciting? Leave a comment with your favorite gift! :)


  1. Found your blog from your Magnetic Alphabet post at Skip To My Lou...very cute!

    I'm pretty new to Looking forward to following your blog.

    That looks like my house, we too have a big supportive family!

  2. Hey Megan!

    Looks like the little bear got tons! Our snuggle bunny got lots of stuff too, but our fave gift was the ride on tricycle from my mama. Loving the blog, I've already done a few of your ideas and my hubby thinks they are amazing!