Thursday, January 13, 2011


Breakfast is pretty uncommon in our house since Duglokk is normally already gone to class by the time Bubba and I wake up. This morning I waited until he got home to make breakfast, so technically it was breakfast for lunch. :) I wanted something fast and easy, but delicious at the same time. While I was trying to come up with something I remembered a recipe that I had seen the other day while browsing through my list of blogs. Bacon & Eggs Toast Cups! Sounds crazy right? I am so happy that I made them. They were awesome.

This recipe is so simple and cute! Especially for those of you with young children. I will definitely be making them more often. To get the recipe, head on over to The Farm Girl Recipes blog.


  1. These are great! Gonna try them for sure! Thank you meg!

  2. You're very welcome! Hope you like them!